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Rapid fire in Nashville, America, 2 youths injured, police hired to search for accused



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Teriana Johnson, 19, was murdered on November 14
Termination after Terrianna Johnson’s funeral
2 people injured in gunshots, the police are looking for the accused

Washington. Two people were injured in a shooting at people leaving a church after the funeral of a teenage girl who died in a shooting earlier this month in Nashville, US. Metro Nashville Police Department spokesman Don Aaron said the shooting happened Saturday morning after the funeral of 19-year-old Teriana Johnson at New Seasons Church.

He said that when the shooting took place, the vehicle carrying the body was standing in front of the church and its rear door was open and people were coming out of the church. According to the police, one or more assailants seated in a black car opened fire as they passed near the church. He said that during the incident, a bullet hit an 18-year-old boy and another bullet hit a 25-year-old man.

According to Aaron, the injured are out of danger and the police are looking for the accused. He said some people who came to Johnson’s funeral had guns and also opened fire on the car. Police say the shooting happened before Johnson’s body was brought out and his body was later buried.

Authorities are looking for the 17-year-old accused of killing Johnson in the November 14 Watkins Park shooting. Police say after an argument between Johnson and the suspect’s sister, the suspect allegedly fired at the car Johnson was in. Johnson was killed in this attack.

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