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Relief for Indian students facing deportation to Canada! received a stay order



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Indian students facing deportation to Canada have been relieved.
Some students have received suspended orders on their expulsion notices.
The Government of India was constantly making efforts in this area.

New Delhi: Reports say the actual number is far lower than the 700 reported in the media amid protests over the Canadian government’s decision to deport them. Explain that these students were threatened with expulsion for allegedly submitting fake admission letters. Most of these students went to Canada between 2017 and 2019. Indian students facing deportation were relieved in this regard.

According to sources, after completing their studies, some of them obtained work permits, while others continued to study in Canada. India has raised this issue with Canadian authorities, both in Canada and in New Delhi. Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has also raised this issue with his Canadian counterpart.

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Previously, the Secretary (East) of the Department of External Affairs spoke about it during his visit to Canada in April this year. He met several of them at the Indian consulate in Toronto, where most of the students live. Canadian authorities have been urged repeatedly to be fair and to adopt a humane approach, as the students were not at fault in this matter. It was also pointed out that there were loopholes in the Canadian system due to which visas were granted to students and they were also allowed to enter Canada.

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Since then, Canadian MPs from all political parties have spoken out in support of students. Immigration Minister Sean Frazier said Canada is actively seeking a solution for international students facing uncertainty. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recognized the need to treat students fairly. Some students have recently received suspended orders on their expulsion notices. India considered him welcome. Let’s say that the continuous efforts of the Government of India have played an important role in bringing the Government of Canada to adopt a human approach and accept the students’ point of view.

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