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Resignation letter: the shortest resignation letter in the world! Quit work by writing 3 words



New Delhi (trendy photo, smaller letter of resignation), Some photos on social networks go viral very quickly (Viral Photo). Especially if a photo is very unique or relevant. These days, a resignation letter is going quite viral on the social media site Twitter (Social Media Post). Seeing this, you too will not be able to live without laughter.

If you have ever resigned from somewhere, you must have written your resignation very carefully. Even if you are the boss, your employees must have written you the smallest resignation letter. Typically, in the resignation letter, people write the reason for leaving the company and their work experience in that office. See Viral Tweet (Twitter Trend).

3 word single letter
The social media site Twitter has become a great platform to share your thoughts. The things shared here go viral very quickly all over the world. A Twitter user named Maphanga Mbuso shared a resignation letter (Smallest Resignation Letter). Only three words are written in this resignation letter – Bye Bye Sir.

Over 50,000 people have liked
Over 51,000 users retweeted this viral tweet. At the same time, more than 2 lakh Twitter users liked it. The comments section of this article is also fun to watch. People are keeping their perspective on this resignation letter by making various comments. People really like this sweet, simple and clean resignation letter (How to write a resignation letter).

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