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revenge! The stepfather had abused… then the 7-year-old took revenge, set fire to the house while sleeping and then…



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In the United States, a child was abused by his stepfather.
Hurt by this, the feeling of revenge awoke in the child.
The child set the house on fire while the parents were sleeping.

Washington. A surprising case has come to America (America Crime News). A 7-year-old child was arrested here. The child would have set fire to the house and at that time his parents were present in the house. The incident took place in Jackson County, about 40 miles northwest of Charleston.

According to CBS News, a photo of a burning house was shared on Facebook by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department in West Virginia. The department said in its message that the child intentionally set his house on fire. Police said two people in the house suffered minor burns, but everyone in the house escaped unharmed. Officers took the boy into custody and charged him with first-degree arson.

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Giving details of the incident, the police department wrote on Facebook: “A 7-year-old minor was taken into custody tonight.” It is alleged that he intentionally set the house on fire while his parents were sleeping inside. Two people were slightly injured in the incident, but all managed to save their lives. Given the sensitive nature of the case, no further information regarding the investigation will be released.

The stepfather had abused…
The next day, the department said the child’s stepfather had been arrested on suspicion of child abuse. According to a USA Today report, investigators believe the stepfather who set the fire abused the child. “Aaron Hufford, 38, of Sandyville, WV and stepfather to the 7-year-old suspect in yesterday’s first-degree arson incident has been arrested for child abuse on the same 7-year-old” , the department wrote in a Facebook post. An intensive investigation is underway, led by Detective Seth Fischer and Detective Gary Baldwin. No further details will be provided at this time.

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