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Ro Khanna: Who is Ro Khanna? This Indian of origin can become president of America in 2024, know



Washington. California Congressman Ro Khanna indicated earlier this week that he was considering running for the Senate from California, but there are rumors in Democratic Party circles that Khanna’s goal is much higher. The Politico news portal said so in one of its reports. People familiar with Khanna, an Indian-American lawmaker, said he was keeping his options open for a possible presidential election in 2028 but could pose a challenge if US President Joe Biden does not run in 2024.

An adviser to Khanna said that while Biden doesn’t want to run for president in 2024, Khanna appears to be a “possible candidate.” Democratic strategist Mark Longbaugh, whose firm has done media consulting for Khanna, also told POLITICO that Khanna would make a “good senator.” The report also says Ro Khanna has so far retained Democratic officials who are “veterans of New Hampshire and Nevada primaries” and has also paid an Iowa-based company.

“Will not run for the White House”
Khanna said if President Biden decides to run for office, he would support him. Along with that, he said that if the president does not contest the election again, he will not contest the election for the White House. Khanna told the news portal that progressive leaders among Democrats and Bernie Sanders supporters contacted him and encouraged him to announce his candidacy for the Senate. “I told them I will in the next few months,” Khanna said as quoted by Politico.

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