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Rupert Murdoch: 11-word email, CCTV and model… Shocking revelations about ‘media mogul’ Rupert Murdoch’s fourth divorce



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Media mogul’ Rupert Murdoch’s divorce from his fourth wife Jerry Hall has come to the fore.
Murdoch ended the marriage to Jerry with an 11-word one-sentence email.
Jerry Hall and Murdoch tied the knot in London in 2016, after meeting in 2013

Washington. ‘Media mogul’ Rupert Murdoch was in the limelight for his fifth marriage. But later, he announced to break off the engagement before his fifth marriage. But there has now been a big reveal about his divorce from fourth wife Jerry Hall. She ended her marriage to Jerry with an 11-word one-sentence email. Vanity Fair magazine reported that the divorce was initiated by the billionaire media mogul without any warning.

According to the report, Rupert Murdoch wrote to his fourth wife, “Jerry, it is with sadness that I have decided to end our marriage.” A friend of Jerry Hall’s and former model, said of the divorce that the separation was tenuous, as the couple “never had a fight”. He also stated that Jerry cared for Rupert during his many illnesses.

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The report claims Jerry Hall was given 30 days to vacate the couple’s mansion in Bel Air, California. Tom Cashin, a close friend of Jerry Hall, said that when the marriage broke up, Jerry told friends he made an effigy of Rupert Murdoch and burned it on the grill. Because she felt devastated, mad and humiliated. Jerry Hall was waiting to meet Rupert Murdoch at his home in Oxfordshire when the email was sent.

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Rupert Murdoch said: “We certainly had a great time together, but I have a lot to do… My New York lawyer will contact you immediately.” The divorce was finalized last August. The report says guards saw Jerry Hall packing his belongings at the couple’s home in Los Angeles. His children helped him. Even as she returned to the Oxfordshire home she had kept through the divorce, CCTV cameras were attached to Fox’s offices in New York.

It is known that there was a disagreement between the couple regarding Rupert Murdoch’s anti-abortion views and their children. But the divorce came as a surprise to Jerry Hall’s friends. The two met in 2013 when Jerry Hall was in Australia. They married in 2016 in London.

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