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‘Russia can never conquer Ukraine…’ – Biden challenges Putin, says – Russia’s military should be ashamed



Warsaw. US President Joe Biden said in Poland on Tuesday that the Russian-Ukrainian war had further strengthened Western resolve to protect democracy around the world. US President Joe Biden fiercely attacked Russia after his visit to kyiv in the Polish capital Warsaw on Tuesday. Joe Biden said the Russian military committed war crimes and targeted civilians in Ukraine. Russia can never defeat Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden has said there should be no doubt that America stands with Ukraine at all times and at all times. Putin must remember that division within NATO is not possible. We will continue to help Ukraine without stopping and without getting tired. Putin is doing all this to take over the land. Addressing Ukrainian refugees and the Polish people at the royal palace here, Biden said, “The democracies of the world will stand up for freedom today, tomorrow and always.”

Ahead of his speech, Biden met with the President of Poland, Andrews D. Here at Rashtrapati Bhavan, Biden said, “We must ensure security in Europe under all circumstances.” Joe Biden said this year is very important in every way. The Russian army did brutal and barbaric things. Committed crimes against humanity. Despite this, they are not ashamed. What didn’t Putin’s army do? Ordinary people were killed indiscriminately. Destroy the house.

Also alleged that heinous crimes like rape were used as a weapon. Apart from that, he said that Russia has taken away the future of Ukrainian children. Bombs were thrown at trains, schools, hospitals and orphanages. How to ignore these things. The Ukrainian people are also special and I can say with certainty that Russia will never be able to conquer Ukraine.

Joe Biden said: “Russia is paying the price for its bad behavior in Ukraine. We have imposed the heaviest sanctions ever imposed on a major economy and we will announce more this week. We will hold those responsible for this war accountable and seek justice for crimes against humanity.

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