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Russia could deploy its nuclear weapons in Belarus, says President Lukashenko



Tallinn (Estonia). Amid tensions over the war in Ukraine, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Friday that Russian strategic nuclear weapons could also be deployed in Belarus. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced last week that his country intends to deploy short-range, short-range and tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. President Lukashenko mentioned the deployment of nuclear weapons in his address to the nation.

President Lukashenko has said that if Russia goes ahead with the announcement of the deployment of weapons in Belarus, there could be a threat to the region. About 13 months ago, even before Russia attacked Ukraine, Russian troops were deployed in Belarus. Lukashenko has remained in the presidency since the formation of Belarus after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. He delivered his annual address amid rising tensions over the conflict in Ukraine.

Western countries want to destroy Russia and Belarus
Lukashenko and Putin alleged that Western countries wanted to destroy Russia and Belarus. Lukashenko said: “Putin and I will decide to deploy strategic weapons here if necessary, and those who are trying to destroy us should understand that. We will take all necessary measures to protect our nations and our people.

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