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Russia Inflicts Deep Wound on Ukraine in ‘Kyiv Day’, Putin’s Army’s Biggest ‘Drone’ Attack, Massive Devastation



Kyiv. The Ukrainian capital on Sunday suffered the heaviest drone strike since the start of the war as part of preparations for Kyiv Day. At least one person was killed in the attack. Local authorities provided this information. Serhiy Popko, a senior Ukrainian military official, said Russia launched the “biggest attack” on the city on Saturday night with an Iranian-made Shaheed drone. The attack lasted more than five hours, with Ukraine’s air defense system apparently destroying more than 40 drones. Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said a 41-year-old man was killed when debris from the drone fell on a seven-story non-residential building and caught fire. He said a 35-year-old woman who was injured in the incident has been admitted to hospital.

The Ukrainian Air Force said Saturday night more drone attacks were carried out across the country than ever before. Of the 54 drones fired by the Russian military, 52 were shot down by air defense systems. In northeastern Kharkiv province, regional governor Oleh Sinihubov said a 61-year-old woman and a 60-year-old man were killed in two separate attacks. Kyiv Day is the official founding day of Kyiv. The day is usually celebrated with concerts, street fairs, exhibitions and fireworks. This year, limited-scale celebrations are planned for the city’s 1,541st anniversary.

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Military officer Popko said: “Today the enemy decided to congratulate the people of kyiv on kyiv Day with the help of their deadly drones.” Local authorities in the Krasnodar region in southern Russia said air defense systems destroyed several drones fired at the Ilsky oil refinery. Since Russia began attacks in February last year, drone attacks have taken place in areas along the Russian border at regular intervals. The number of such attacks has increased over the past month. Earlier this month, an oil refinery in Krasnodar was attacked by drones for two consecutive days.

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