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Russia Ukraine War: Attempted drone attack on Russian President Putin! Ukraine told the truth about the allegations



Moscow. Russia has accused Ukraine that the enemy country carried out a drone attack to kill Russian President Vladimir Putin. Two drones were used in this attack, it was a planned terrorist attack. Putin survived this attack, but called an emergency meeting. In this case, Ukraine denied Russia’s claims and said it had no information about it. Ukraine has denied its role in the attack.

Quoting the Russian news agency, Reuters said that by issuing a statement in this regard, the Kremlin said that President Putin was completely safe. Due to this attack, there was no damage to the building of the residence of the President of Russia. This drone attack happened at night. In this case, Zelensky’s press secretary released a statement saying that we have no information about these alleged drone attacks. Ukraine will not carry out such drone attacks because they will serve no military purpose. He said the story being told about the drone attacks is Russia’s malice.

Moscow drone ban, Putin calls emergency meeting
Russia said in a statement after the drone attack that those who carried out this attack, Russia will not spare them at any cost. Here, Putin called a meeting after two consecutive drone attacks in Moscow. The government has banned the flight of drones in Moscow.

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