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Russia Ukraine war: resolution adopted at UNGA for peace in Ukraine, China followed India’s lead and distanced itself from vote, India says this



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A resolution was adopted at the UNGA regarding the war in Ukraine.
141 members voted in favor of this proposal.
Like India, China also remained absent from the vote.

New York: The Russian-Ukrainian war ended one year today, that is, on February 24. At the same time, a resolution was adopted at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on the need to achieve a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine. In a “historic vote” at the UNGA on Thursday, countries condemned Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. 141 members voted in favor of the motion while seven opposed it. At the same time, 32 members including China and India remained absent during the vote. The resolution calls for an end to hostilities with Russia and the withdrawal of troops from Ukraine.

According to ANI news agency, India’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Ruchira Kamboj, reiterated India’s position on the Russian-Ukrainian war and said dialogue and diplomacy were the only way out. viable. He said, “India is firmly committed to multilateralism and abides by the principles of the Charter of the United Nations. We still see dialogue and diplomacy as the only viable way out. While we note the stated purpose of today’s resolution, we are compelled to refrain from it given its inherent limitations in achieving our desired goal of achieving lasting peace.

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PM Modi’s statement repeated
The Indian Ambassador reiterated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s (PM Modi) statement and said, “We have always maintained that no solution can ever come at the cost of human life. In this context, our Prime Minister’s statement that this era cannot be an era of war bears repeating. The escalation of hostility and violence is in no one’s interest, on the contrary, an immediate return to the path of dialogue and diplomacy is the way forward.

Kamboj further said that India’s approach to the Ukrainian conflict will remain people-centred. India is providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine and some economically struggling southern neighbors even as they face rising food, fuel and fertilizer prices. Which was a consequent result of the ongoing struggle.

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He added that “India Ukraine I am constantly worried about the situation. The conflict has resulted in the loss of countless lives and suffering, especially for women, children and the elderly. Thousands of people have been left homeless and forced to seek refuge in neighboring countries. Reports of attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure are also extremely worrying.

ask these questions
Addressing the UN General Assembly, he asked some basic questions such as “Are we closer to a possible solution acceptable to both parties? Can a process that involves neither side ever lead to a credible and meaningful solution? Has the United Nations system, and in particular its central body, the United Nations Security Council, founded on the world construction of 1945, become ineffective in meeting contemporary challenges to global peace and security?

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