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Russia-Ukraine war: ‘Russia is the aggressor in the war’, America clearly stated – it will train Ukraine to fly an F-16 fighter jet



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America said – Russia started the Ukrainian war.
America will train the Ukrainian military to fly the F16.
The use of American weapons to attack Russia is not approved.

Washington. The United States has made it clear that it does not condone the use of Western weapons to attack Russian territories. The US State Department spokesperson said that despite this, it is necessary to remind everyone that it was Russia that started this devastating war. In a routine press briefing in response to a media question about the use of US weapons on Russian territory, a US State Department spokesperson said it was important to “take step back and remind everyone that Russia is the aggressor in the war”.

The US State Department spokesman said, “Remind the world that Russia started this war.” It is Russia that continues to attack civilians in Ukraine and it is Russia that bombs schools, hospitals and civilian infrastructure. Explaining the ongoing war in Ukraine in more detail, he clearly stated that President Joe Biden had made it clear that the United States would begin training the Ukrainian military to operate F16 jet fighters in time to come.

A State Department spokesperson said “President Joe Biden has made it very clear that we will begin training Ukrainian military pilots to fly the F-16 and will continue to work with our allies and partners to deliver F-jets. -16 to Ukraine”. together with. However, he said that “at this time I have no official announcement on when and how this will start or from which countries these F-16 fighter jets will be donated to Ukraine.” But it is part of our priority and we will start implementing it in the coming months.

Russia has captured the Ukrainian town of Bakhmut, Zelensky also confirmed, said Bakhmut is now only in our hearts

The State Department official further stated that “it is now up to Ukraine to decide how it wishes to conduct its military operations.” Significantly, Britain only announced the formation of an international coalition of several countries to train Ukrainian pilots to fly fourth-generation fighter jets such as the F-16 last week. The Russian-Ukrainian war, which began on February 24, 2022, left several thousand dead.

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