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Russia Ukraine War: Ukraine angry! After the state-of-the-art tanks, now the demand for this weapon, if it’s found, then…



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Ukraine now wants to acquire long-range missiles.
Ukraine demanded long-range missiles from its allies.
There is also news of Ukraine’s request for 24 fighter jets.

Kyiv. Ukraine’s demand for advanced tanks has been met. According to some information, Ukraine is currently in talks with its allies to acquire long-range missiles (Ukraine Demand Long Range Missiles). A senior official of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Saturday that Kyiv and its allies were in early talks over Ukraine’s long-range missile requests.

According to Reuters, the president’s aide says the missiles are needed to prevent Russia from destroying Ukrainian cities. It should be noted that previously Ukraine demanded state-of-the-art tanks from Western countries. This request from Ukraine has been met. At the same time, to repel the Russian army, Ukraine is now demanding fighter jets equipped with missiles. This includes the request for 24 fighter jets. However, Ukraine has denied reports of its demands for fighter jets.

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Zelensky’s adviser Mykhailo Podoliak told Ukraine’s Freedom TV channel that to reduce the main armament of the Russian military, we need missiles that destroy their depots. He said there were more than 100 depots in the Russian-occupied Crimean Peninsula. We are in talks for missiles and it is progressing at a rapid pace.

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Speaking separately, President Zelensky said Ukraine wanted to stop Russian attacks on urban areas and civilians. He said in the evening video speech that Ukraine needs long-range missiles. Ukraine wants to save its cities from destruction. He wants to keep Russia away from its cities. Zelensky further stated that Ukraine needs the American-made ATACMS missile. Whose firepower is 185 miles (297 km). Although America has so far refused to give this missile.

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