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Russia-Ukraine war: Ukraine attacked Russia with a Soviet-era drone, the whole world was surprised to see the indigenous technology



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Ukraine continuously attacks Russia
Ukraine attacked with Soviet-era drone
3 people died in the attack

KyivThe Russian-Ukrainian war continues. Russia and Ukraine are attacking each other with modern weapons. Ukraine has been attacking Russia in recent days. Meanwhile, Ukraine attacked Russia with Soviet-era drones. Ukraine attacked two Russian targets hundreds of kilometers from its border using locally modified Soviet-era drones.

Speaking to Politico, two officials familiar with the operation said the drones used in the attack were modified Tu-141 surveillance planes, remnants of the Soviet era. The way the drones have been modified demonstrates the innovative potential of the Ukrainian defense industry. This is also important because even a strong country like Russia is forced to buy cheap Iranian drones to wage an air war.

Western countries did not respond to Ukraine’s request
Ukraine’s attack proved how capable Kyiv is of targeting military targets inside Russia. For the past few days, Ukraine has been continuously attacking Russia. Let’s say that Ukraine had been demanding long-range missiles and drones from Western countries for months. But America and Europe did not respond to his request. Speaking to Politico, an official who worked with the Ukrainian government on condition of anonymity said the success of the drone came as a surprise. Russia did not expect such a thing.

3 dead in drone attack
Significantly, this week the Russian government admitted that three Russian servicemen were killed and two planes were damaged in drone attacks. People said the technology on board the plane was Ukrainian-made and not supplied by the United States or any other western country. Ukraine has not yet claimed responsibility for the attack. But Mykhailo Podolić, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, appeared to taunt Moscow in a post on Twitter after the attacks. He wrote: “If something is launched in the airspace of other countries, sooner or later the unidentified flying objects will return to the starting point, the earth is round.”

Ukraine continuously harms Russia
This is not the first time that locally made Ukrainian technology has targeted key Russian targets. In April, Ukraine launched its Neptune missiles at the Russian cruiser Moskva while it was operating in the Black Sea. These attacks forced the Russian Black Sea Fleet to operate away from the coast, keeping other ships in port for fear of losing more assets. Let us tell you that even without drones and long-range munitions, Ukraine is continually causing severe damage to Russia. In August, Ukraine also suffered severe damage from multiple explosions at Russia’s largest air base in Crimea. In which satellite photographs showed that at least eight fighter jets were destroyed or damaged in the attack.

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