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Russia: Violent fire after an explosion in an oil refinery, flames are visible for several kilometers



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There was a huge explosion at the factory located in the eastern Siberian district of Ust-Kut in the Irkutsk region of Russia.
A huge fire broke out after the explosion in the factory. More than 150 fire engines arrived to put out the blaze.

Moscow. A massive fire has broken out at an oil refinery in the Ust-Kut district of Eastern Siberia, in the Irkutsk region of Russia. To extinguish this fire, approximately 150 fire engines arrived on the scene. The flames of this fire spread over a thousand square meters were visible several kilometers away. While giving information, Irkutsk regional governor Igor Kobzev wrote on his Telegram channel that according to preliminary information, there is news of someone injured in the incident.

However, reports circulating on social media suggest that at least five people have been killed. At the same time, the Russian Emergencies Ministry said a fire had broken out at the oil and gas processing plant. It is said that due to a gas leak at 11 p.m. Sunday evening local time, the plant first exploded and then the fire spread to the whole area. Reporting, local media said residents of the village near the plant were moved to another location.

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