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Russian missile attack on NATO member Poland during G-20 summit! High tension in the region – Russia launches a missile attack on Poland NATO calls for an emergency meeting of high tensions on the border



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Poland accuses Russia of missile attack
Two people died in the attack, America spoke to Poland
President Joe Biden holds meeting with G-20 countries

Warsaw. Poland said on Wednesday that a Russian rocket killed two people in its eastern part near Ukraine. Although Russia refused to accept it, Poland called the Russian ambassador in Warsaw for clarification. The Polish Foreign Ministry said Tuesday afternoon that a Russian rocket fell in Przewodo, a village in eastern Poland about 6 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, killing two people. This statement from Poland was the most detailed commentary on the explosion so far. Since the incident, the series of meetings has continued continuously in NATO countries.

Regarding this, America said that “they cannot confirm the news from Poland at this time”. They are currently investigating it. NATO members are committed to collective defence. That is why Russia’s strike on Poland may increase the conflict of the war in Ukraine. A NATO official said “NATO” was coordinating closely with Poland and reviewing its report. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiec said Poland was increasing the readiness of military units and determining whether to consult with allies under NATO’s Article 4.

Joe Biden spoke with the President of Poland
The White House also released a statement regarding the entire matter. The White House said US President Joe Biden spoke by phone with Polish President Andrzej Duda. Biden expressed Washington’s commitment to “NATO.” He said he would support Poland’s investigation. The AP news agency had previously quoted a senior US intelligence official as saying the blast happened due to Russian missiles crossing Poland. But in Washington, the Pentagon, White House and US State Department said they could not yet confirm the report. He is in contact with the Polish government for more information. The US State Department called the report unreliable.

At the same time, other countries also reacted to the whole incident. Germany and Canada said they were monitoring the case. The European Union, the Netherlands and Norway said they were reviewing details of the incident. French President Emmanuel Macron has also ordered an investigation. While NATO called an emergency meeting regarding the whole incident, other countries also issued statements calling for an investigation.

Russia denied the attack
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also attacked Russia. He said Russian missiles killed people in Poland. However, the Russian Defense Ministry denied that Russian missiles hit Polish territory. Russia issued a statement saying that Russia did not attack inside Poland. All of these things are done deliberately to make the situation worse.

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