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Russian President Putin, 70, is he sick? Doctors claim – blurred vision, also numb tongue



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The health of Russian President Vladimir Putin is not good
complaints of headaches and numbness of the tongue
Despite being ill, Putin reunited with the same enthusiasm

London. The health of Russian President Vladimir Putin has deteriorated further. Due to other illnesses including cancer, her condition is not improving now, in such a situation doctors’ concern has increased. According to the latest news, Putin is unable to see clearly with his eyes. Due to severe headaches and numbness in the tongue, health workers and doctors involved in her care are also concerned. It was said in the media that doctors advised Putin to rest. In the media, different claims are made about President Putin.

It was said in Metro news that the 70-year-old Russian president complains of frequent headaches. It has been said in the media that President Putin is not able to see clearly. The eyes were examined. Here, along with Metro, The Mirror has also released such news. Telegram General SVR reportedly said the Russian president needed new treatment. There are also all kinds of rumors about Putin’s health. Some say Putin has numbness in his hands and feet. According to the report, doctors advised Putin to take medicine and rest.

Putin ignores rest advice
It has been said in the media that President Putin has ignored the advice to rest and is constantly working. Numbness increases in his right hand and leg. According to the report, Putin’s health deteriorated more than before. Because of what his relatives are stressed. These days, Putin is also struggling with the problem of coughing, dizziness, abdominal pain and insomnia.

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