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“Russian soldiers are trying to steal even toilet seats” – says Ukrainian minister – we listened to them



New Delhi. Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Emin Japarova, who visited India, criticized Russia for invading Ukraine and made strong allegations against its soldiers. Japarona claimed that Ukraine intercepted Russian soldiers on several occasions, during which some Russian soldiers were found talking to their wives and mothers about the theft of household items, even toilet seats.

Speaking to the media after a discussion with a think tank in New Delhi on Tuesday, Japarova said that “when we listen to intercepted conversations of Russian soldiers with their wives and mothers, they never even bring goods from Ukrainian homes Sometimes talking about stealing even the toilet seat.

“Russia uses rape and sexual violence as a military strategy”
Japarova is the first high-ranking Ukrainian official to visit India since the Russian-Ukrainian war broke out on February 24 last year. Speaking to the media, the minister said: “If someone comes to rape you, what language can you speak… I was really shocked when I learned that an 11-year-old boy had been raped in front of his mother. Was gone and lost the ability to speak… There’s no room for proper language in there. February 24 changed everything for Ukraine.

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