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Russian spy whale: Russian ‘spy whale’ seen in Sweden after 4 years, warning issued, humans advised to stay away from ‘Hvaldimir’



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The hormone is likely to be very high in 13 to 14 year old whales.
Over the course of six months, the belugas made rapid progress on their way to Sweden.
Russia has never given an official response to the allegations of Russian espionage.

Norway. Beluga Whale has been sighted once again on the Swedish coast. There was speculation that this beluga had been trained as a spy by the Russian Navy. Now, after four years, this beluga has been sighted off the coast of Sweden. Earlier, he was seen in Norway in 2019. It was believed that one of the main reasons behind his training as a spy was that he had an artificial harness. Because of this, speculation about spy training had intensified.

According to the report published in The Guardian, it was first discovered in the far northern region of Finnmark, Norway. Belugas slowly drifted along the upper half of the Norwegian coast for 3 years. But he spent six months on his way to Sweden as an early lead. The beluga was spotted on the southwest coast of Sweden at Hvenbostrand on Sunday. European country Norway has warned its citizens to stay away from this Russian spy whale.

A marine biologist from the One Whale Organization said we don’t know why it is growing so rapidly now. Marine biologist Sebastian Strand said it was particularly confusing because the whales were “moving away from their natural environment very quickly”.

Strand said it could be hormones that motivate her to find a mate. They say it could also be loneliness, because the beluga is a very social species. She might also be looking for other belugas. The whale, believed to be 13-14 years old, “is at an age where her hormones are very high.

Norway named it “Hvaldimir”. When the whale first appeared in the Norwegian Arctic, marine biologists from the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries removed its artificial harness. The harness had a mount suitable for an action camera and the plastic clasps had the words Equipment St Petersburg printed on them.

Management officials said Hvaldimir may have escaped from a compound and been dragged away by the Russian Navy. She seems to be addicted to humans. However, Moscow has never issued an official response to speculation that Norway is a “Russian spy”.

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