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Russian-Ukrainian War: In the midst of the war in Ukraine, will Vladimir Putin stage a coup in this country? America has also been under stress due to Russian planning



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Moldovan President Maia Sandu accuses Russia of coup
Russia spoke about Ukraine’s conspiracy, said such claims are completely groundless

Russia–Ukraine War: In the midst of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Russia faced another big allegation. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been accused of attempting a coup by a country. Moldova alleged that the Russian president wanted to stage a coup in his place. US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said reports accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of plotting a coup in Moldova should be taken very seriously.

In fact, Moldovan President Maia Sandu said that Vladimir Putin was trying to end the leadership of Moldova. He alleged that Putin wanted to prevent Moldova from joining the European Union. Maya Sandu said Russia plans to use foreign forces for this. Let’s say that Moldova has been an ally of Ukraine. Due to which Russia and Moldova were also affected.

Now nature is going to wreak havoc in this country? The disaster is about to happen, the government hastily announced the emergency

Russia called the allegations groundless
Moldova said intelligence reports also confirmed that Ukraine had received a document detailing the plot from Russia. John Kirby has said that although the United States has not verified reports of a coup, he believes Vladimir Putin is capable of attempting such an act. He said that we fully support the Moldovan government and the Moldovan people.

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Moldova accused Russia of planning sabotage in Moldova and people trained by the military to carry out violent actions, attack government buildings and take civilians hostage. Maiya Sandu said Russia wanted to spread violence in her country. For this, he can use foreign forces. However, Russia dismissed the allegations saying “such allegations are completely baseless”. Russia accuses Ukraine of stoking tensions between it and Moldova.

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