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Russian-Ukrainian war: President Putin tells Russian Parliament that the West has started the war in Ukraine, but it is impossible to defeat Russia



Moscow. In his annual address, Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed Western countries for starting a war in Ukraine and said Russia used force to stop it. Along with this, he claimed that it was impossible to defeat Russia on the battlefield.

President Putin said in Moscow on Tuesday that Russia was open to the idea of ​​dialogue and was following the path of diplomacy with the West and was open to similar security arrangements. Meanwhile, referring to NATO expansion, he claimed Moscow had received “dishonest responses”.

Local conflict gone global in Western countries
In his speech, the Russian president accused Western countries of trying to turn a local conflict into a global conflict, targeting the United States and its allies. Putin said: “We will react appropriately. We talk about the existence of our country.

Putin also warned America without naming the country that has been providing military aid to Ukraine for a year. He said: “The more long-range weapons we send to Ukraine, the further we have to push the threat away from us. Step by step, we will carefully and methodically achieve the goals that await us.

“Western countries want to destroy Russia”
In his address, President Putin also referred to the conspiracy of Western countries against Russia. He said that Western countries want to “finish off Russia”. Putin said: “Western elites do not hide their goal of strategically defeating Russia. It means erasing all of us at once forever.

He also said the sanctions aimed at punishing Russia have backfired and the countries that announced the sanctions are harassing their own citizens and blaming Russia for their pain.

“Reverse effect of sanctions against Russia”
In his annual speech, the Russian president said: “They have raised prices in their own country, closed factories, led to the collapse of the energy sector and now they are telling their citizens that it is the fault of the Russians”.

Putin said Western countries have shown economic aggression towards Russia. He said, “He didn’t succeed in any of those areas. Those who started the sanctions are punishing themselves.

The Russian president said Ukrainian citizens have become “hostages to their Western masters” who have occupied the country politically, economically and militarily. He said that the regime headed by President Volodymyr Zelensky does not serve the national interest, but the interests of foreign powers.

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