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Russian-Ukrainian War: Russia deploys new set of Boomerang drones to Ukraine, know how dangerous it is



Kyiv: Like last year, Russia is using drones this year too in the war against Ukraine. It is now deploying a new set of drones to capture cities in Ukraine. A video recently released by the Russian Defense Ministry showed Russian forces using new drones to attack Ukrainian military positions. However, the ministry did not disclose any information about its manufacture and the source of the drone.

Last year, the Kremlin deployed Iranian-made drones, known as suicide drones, to carry out airstrikes on Ukrainian infrastructure. However, British defense officials have suggested that Moscow has phased out the drones. In a change of strategy, the Kremlin has released a new Boomerang VR (virtual reality) helmet-controlled suicide bomber drone.

According to Newsweek’s report, the drone is piloted by two soldiers – an operator and an assistant. While the operator uses a VR headset to find and reach the target, the assistant operator launches the drone and follows its direction of flight to help guide the operator. It consists of four rotors, four small motors and a large storage battery. It can travel up to 110 mph (17 km/h) and can engage airborne targets. It can target the soldiers present in the shelters. It consists of a special container filled with explosive elements. It can stay in the air for at least three hours.

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