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Russian-Ukrainian war: US to donate large convoy of armored vehicles to Ukraine, new $2.5 billion package announced



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The United States announced another huge arms and ammunition package worth $2.5 billion for Ukraine.
The pro-Western countries of Ukraine decided to give it a large number of armored vehicles.
Ammunition for the HIMARS rocket system is also included in the new defense package given to Ukraine by America.

Washington. The United States on Thursday announced another major arms and ammunition package worth $2.5 billion for Ukraine. Western pro-Ukrainian countries have decided to donate a large number of armored vehicles to Kyiv in view of its demand for reinforcement of its armored force. So that he can counter the Russian attack. The Pentagon said Ukraine’s $2.5 billion defense program includes armored assault vehicles for the first time and more Bradley fighting vehicles, which could be used against any possible Russian offensive in Ukraine this spring.

According to an AFP news agency, this defense package for Ukraine was published a day before an international coalition meeting in Germany to discuss additional aid to Ukraine. This is the second largest defense package announced by the United States for Ukraine. The largest defense package was over $3 billion and was announced earlier this month. The new defense pack includes 90 Stryker armored vehicles and 59 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. The previous package included 50 Bradleys. This way, Bradley’s total will now be over 100.

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Ammunition for the HIMARS rocket system is also included in the new defense package given by the United States to Ukraine. Which was used by Ukraine against Russian arms depots and command posts as well as for air defense. Since the start of the war nearly a year ago, the United States has given Ukraine $26.7 billion in security assistance. The more than $3 billion defense program announced last week included 50 Bradley armored vehicles. America and other countries donated several shipments of armored vehicles to Ukraine. But no one promised to donate tanks except Britain. Britain promised last week it would send Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine, while the United States said it was reluctant to give Ukraine its Abrams tanks due to maintenance difficulties and of training.

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