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Russian-Ukrainian war: why hasn’t Russia become weak even after more than 450 days?



strong points

Even after 15 months, the Russian-Ukrainian war continues.
As expected, during this period Russia did not become as weak as it should have been.
Russia is still as powerful in every way as it was before.

Even if at first glance Russia seems powerful in the Russian-Ukrainian war, the reality is not like that. America and Europe are giving weapons to small countries by spending billions of dollars on Ukraine so that Russia cannot destroy Ukraine and itself lose in this war. Ukraine’s victory in this war will be seen as the victory of NATO, America and Europe. Western countries, led by the United States, have imposed various sanctions since the beginning of the war to weaken Russia. It also had a negative effect on Russia. But a question that arises now is that even after 450 days of war, why has Russia’s position not weakened in any way. Now the German intelligence agency has confirmed it.

Putin stays strong
According to the German foreign intelligence agency BND, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s system is still very solid and there have been no cracks. According to the DW report, Bruno Kall, head of the BND at the Federal Academy for Security Policy in Berlin, said so.

the biggest question
Kaal even says that with the recruitment of new soldiers, Russia has now been able to prolong the war and has no shortage of weapons. This statement forces us to think that after Putin attacked Ukraine in the name of a special military operation 15 months ago, since then Ukraine may have survived with the help of NATO, but why didn’t Russia weaken when western countries had imposed a lot of restrictions.

the signs are like this
This claim by the German intelligence agency is not a guess. According to the report, Professor Gulshan Sachdeva, a professor at the Center for European Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University and an expert in European affairs, also agrees with this. According to him, the situation and the indications received now only seem to reinforce the claim of the BND. The Russian economy is stable even after the sanctions, there is not even a major protest against Putin.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin looks stronger than ever. (Representative photo: shutterstock)

Yes what’s up
The fact is that Russia not only recovered from the massive fall of the Russian ruble immediately after the war, but became stronger than ever. He maintains his old relations on international forums, his friends have not increased, if not decreased. All Russian efforts to isolate Western countries seem futile.

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the problems are no longer visible
Previously, it had been speculated that the war would last a long time. But speaking of the achievements so far, in this matter, Western countries could not do anything to Russia, as they sometimes claimed. The BND also makes the same observation. The way the Russian people saw the problems in the beginning, now nothing like that is seen or heard. Western media are not very “active” on this either.

World, Russia-Ukraine War, United States, NATO, Research, Russia, Ukraine, Europe, Western countries, Germany

Ukraine’s devastation in the war has not yet diminished, other than staying in the war, it has achieved nothing. (Representative photo: Pixabay)

And then Ukraine?
On the other hand, enormous devastation is clearly visible in Ukraine. From time to time, reports of revolutionary attacks from Russia dominate the media. Damage is not assessed. Maybe too soon. But what Western countries want after all becomes a puzzle. Weapons are supplied from time to time to Ukraine. Ukraine is sustainable, that’s what we proudly claim.

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There are many serious questions about this war. For example, if Russia somehow occupies Ukraine, will the war end or will Western countries not have an open ground to attack Russia. Is it because of this that Russia sometimes retreats near kyiv in Ukraine and sometimes in other regions? Russia has now annexed Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhya and Kherson occupied by Russia a few months ago, but what is Russia doing there, what is the strategy of western countries, especially America. Does he focus only on preventing the spread of war or does he have other intentions?

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