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Russo-Ukrainian war: formidable Ukrainian counter-attack in Bakhmut, more than 500 Russian soldiers killed in 24 hours, hundreds wounded!



Kyiv: Russia has been fighting for several months to establish its control over Bakhmut. Several previous media reports have suggested that Russia has largely crossed the border, forcing Ukrainian citizens out of the city. Now news is coming in that Ukraine has also retaliated heavily. A Ukrainian military spokesman said on Saturday that more than 500 Russian soldiers had been killed or injured in the past 24 hours in fighting in the eastern town of Bakhmut, although this is difficult to verify.

According to a Reuters report, Ukrainian military spokesman Serhiy Cherevaty said the Russians carried out 16 attacks in 24 hours. We had conflicts 23 times. He told the national parliament television channel that “during these battles, 221 Russians were killed and 314 wounded.” Both countries have acknowledged the heavy casualties, but it is difficult to verify exact figures as it was unclear from Cherevati’s comments whether she was referring to Friday’s casualties or the recent 24-hour clashes.

PHOTOS: Russia is wreaking havoc in the Ukrainian town of Bakhmut! People are running from house to house to escape the attack

Let us tell you that Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began in February last year. Thousands of people have been killed, millions have been displaced and many Ukrainian cities have been destroyed. This year, Moscow occupied Bakhmut. Moscow says capturing Bakhmut will open a breach in Ukrainian security and be a key step towards seizing a key target in the industrial Donbass region. British military intelligence also reported that fighting was intensifying in and around the eastern Ukrainian city. The city’s routes to occupied Ukraine are increasingly limited.

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