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Russo-Ukrainian war: Russia published an ad for army recruitment, offered 8 times more salary, people flocked



New Delhi: When Russia attacked Ukraine, the whole world felt that this war would not last long and soon Ukraine would kneel. But Ukraine refused to kneel defying all estimates. More than a year has passed, but Ukraine is not only at war, it is leaving no stone unturned to make Russia bite the dust. In such a situation, this war has now become a matter of prestige for Russia, for which it is ready to pay any price.

Fighting for Russia will get 8 times more salary
Recently, a Kyiv-based NGO claimed that online advertisements had been shown in Russia. In which the salary offered instead of joining Vladimir Putin’s army is about 8 times higher than the average salary in Russia. According to the report, data reviewed by the Ukrainian War Victims Foundation showed that huge salaries are offered to new recruits. The particularity is that there is no shortage of people ready to be recruited. This news comes as the focus is on increasing the number of troops in Russia. Even before that, the Kremlin had declared its campaign to recruit 3 lakh soldiers over. Let’s say that Russia is facing the loss of a heavy military force, due to which Vladimir Putin also announced a partial mobilization in September. But people showed no particular interest.

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big salary and lump sum
The report says Russia is making every effort to recruit people. The average salary in Russia varies by region, but the national average was around 63,000 rubles ($827) in February. When the invasion was in full swing, the average salary for direct combat recruits was raised to 300,000 rubles ($3,941). In one such online advertisement, a monthly salary of 400,000 rubles ($5,100) was offered along with a one-time payment of 450,000 rubles ($5,900).

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Do everything possible to attract young people
According to an NGO, Russia is doing everything possible to attract young people, the NGO found that 5,874 positions were declared on the job site for recruitment into the Russian military unit. While on August 26 this number was 2400.

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