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Scary incident in prison, bedbugs ate sleeping prisoner alive, corpse found in poor condition



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LaShawn Thompson, 35, was arrested for a misdemeanor in Atlanta on June 12
Thompson’s attorney said his client was found dead in his jail cell after being eaten by bedbugs and insects.
The room where Thompson was kept wasn’t even fit for a sick animal

Washington, In a shocking case, an inmate in Atlanta (Atlanta Prisoner Death) was eaten by insects and bed bugs in his prison. According to a report by the British news site Daily Mail, LaShawn Thompson, 35, was arrested on June 12 in Atlanta for misconduct, according to police. Following his arrest, the accused was taken to the Fulton County Jail and after authorities determined Thompson had mental health issues, he was placed in a psychiatric ward. But three months later, Thompson died.

In a statement, Thompson’s attorney, Michael D. Harper, said his client was found dead in his jail cell after being “eaten alive by bedbugs and bugs.” He called the case one of the most inhumane deaths of all time. Harper said the room Thompson was being held in wasn’t even suitable for a sick animal. He said he had been in these terrible conditions for months and no one cared. They demanded that the Fulton County Jail be closed and replaced.

Thompson's family released grim photos showing the conditions inside the cell

The bad condition inside the dead prisoner’s cell. This photo was shared by his family.

CBS News reported that prison records show guards and medical staff noticed Thompson’s condition deteriorating, but did nothing to provide help or assistance. Despite a “severe bedbug infestation” in the cell of his psychiatric unit, the medical examiner’s report said Thompson’s body showed no obvious evidence of trauma. The cause of death was listed as unknown in the report.

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