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Scientists have discovered a new corona-like virus in Chinese bats, danger of spreading to humans as well



Sidney. The world is not yet free from the terror of Corona virus. Even now, cases of his infection are coming on a large scale in many countries. Meanwhile, China has once again sounded the alarm to the world. Scientists have discovered a new virus in Chinese bats. It is claimed to be similar to Corona. It is concerning that this virus can also spread to humans.

Chinese and Australian scientists took samples from 149 bats in China’s Yunnan province, bordering Laos and Myanmar, according to the British newspaper Mirror. During investigation, it was found to contain five such viruses that can spread disease in humans or animals. A virus named BtSY2 present there is associated with SARS-CoV-2. It is the same virus that has spread Covid-19 all over the world.

risk of spreading the virus
Professor Eddie Holmes, an evolutionary biologist and virologist at the University of Sydney and co-author of the report, said: ‘This means that viruses like SARS-COV-2 are still circulating in Chinese bats. Therefore, there is a risk of spreading the virus like corona. The researchers identified several viruses infecting the same bat at the same time.

Attacks like Corona
BtSY2 also contains a significant portion of the spike protein, which attacks human cells, similar to Covid. That is, it is clear that this virus can infect humans. Several pathogenic viruses have already been detected in Yunnan Province, including those closely related to SARS-CoV-2, such as the bat viruses RaTG1313 and RpYN0614. There is already evidence that SARS-CoV-2 originated in bats, but it is also possible that it spread to humans through the pangolin, a scaly mammal.

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