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‘Secret documents not found in Biden’s house…’ FBI came back empty-handed, find out what their connection to Trump is



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US President Joe Biden’s home has been raided.
This raid was carried out by the Central Investigation Agency FBI of the United States.
The FBI did not find any secret documents during the raid

Washington. The Federal Intelligence Agency (FBI) raided the Rehoboth Beach home of US President Joe Biden in Delaware on Wednesday. In fact, Biden was accused of keeping secret documents in his private residence, which the FBI had come looking for, but the FBI had to return empty-handed from Biden’s house.

According to the AFP news agency, the president’s lawyer said after the FBI raid on Wednesday that the intelligence agency did not find any confidential documents during the FBI raid. Following the FBI’s latest raid on the president’s beach house for improperly stored documents, attorney Bob Bauer said in a statement that no classified documents were found at the president’s home.

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Attorney Bob Bauer further stated in his statement that, however, FBI agents have taken certain documents and handwritten notes for further review, which appear to be related to the Vice President’s time. Earlier, attorney Bob Bauer said in a statement that Biden had full support and cooperation in this search operation. Recall that on January 11, the president’s lawyers searched the residence of Rehoboth and Wilmington.

According to Bauer, this search found classified documents at the Wilmington residence, but not at Rehoboth. On the other hand, on November 2, the private lawyers of the American president discovered confidential documents. After that, the FBI searched the think tank’s office in mid-November. On the other hand, on January 20, the FBI also searched Biden’s home in Wilmington.

Significantly, there was news of the FBI searching Biden’s Beach House after confidential documents were discovered in the Mar-a-Lago Florida resort of former US President Donald Trump. Last year, more than 100 classified documents were found during a search of Trump’s estate in Florida. Some of them have been classified as highly confidential.

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