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Shinzo Abe’s funeral will cost more than Queen Elizabeth’s funeral! Protests escalate in Japan



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Shinzo Abe’s funeral is estimated at 1.66 billion yen (around Rs 94 crore).
The estimated cost of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral was around 1.3 billion yen (about Rs 73.7 crore).
State funerals are a rare event in Japan, although Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Abe deserved it.

Tokyo. Protests appear to be intensifying over former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s state funeral to be held next week in Japan’s capital Tokyo. Shinzo Abe was assassinated in July this year, and the Japanese government is said to have spent around 1.66 billion yen on his funeral, which would be more than was spent on Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

According to media reports, Abe’s funeral is estimated at 1.66 billion yen (approximately 94 crore rupees), while the estimated cost of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral was around 1.3 billion yen (approximately 73 .7 crore rupees).

According to a report in The Guardian, the Japanese government had set an estimated cost of 25 million yen for Abe’s state funeral. According to Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno, about 80 million yen is expected to be spent on policing during the event, while 60 million yen is expected to be spent on welcoming dignitaries. According to the report, Matsuno further stated that the bill for this funeral could reach 1.7 billion yen.

State funerals extremely rare in Japan

It’s a rare event for someone to be cremated with state honors in Japan, but Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Abe deserved it, as he was the country’s longest-serving leader since the Second World War. achievements.

great resentment among the people

At the same time, people are concerned that Japan recently spent $13 billion on the Tokyo Olympics, nearly double the estimated budget for the event. An elderly man set himself on fire near the prime minister’s office on Wednesday to protest the state funeral of Shinzo Abe. The man who committed suicide is over 70 years old and a large part of his body was burned. Although he is conscious and is currently being treated in hospital.

According to information published in the “Kyodo News” news agency regarding this incident, a note allegedly written by him was recovered from the elderly, which reads: “Personally, I am Shinzo Abe (former Prime Minister of Japan”) . I am strongly against cremation with state honors.

Let us tell you that after more information emerged about the ties between the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and Abe of the Unification Church, protests began to grow in Japan over the state funeral of the former prime minister. The defendant in Abe’s murder also reportedly felt his family was ruined by his mother’s donations to the Unification Church. The LDP said nearly half of its MPs belong to the Unification Church. (with AP input)

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