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Shocking Images Of A Ukrainian Soldier Freed From Russia You Will Be Shocked To See



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Dyanov was arrested earlier this year while fighting to defend the Mariupol steel plant
Dyanov is currently in the military hospital in Kyiv, where he is in critical condition.
4cm of bone missing from Dyanov’s hand as he faced inhumane conditions in Russian captivity

Kyiv, Shocking images of a Ukrainian soldier freed from Russian captivity have surfaced on social media. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry shared photos of its soldier, Mykhailo Dyanov, on Twitter and described him as one of the lucky ones. Mykhailo Dionov had bruises on his face and hands. Sharing Dynov’s photos, the Ministry of Defense wrote: “Ukrainian soldier Mykhailo Dynov is one of the lucky few who, unlike some of his fellow POWs, escaped Russian captivity. In this way, Russia respects the Geneva Conventions.”

According to the English newspaper Telegraph, Dionov was arrested earlier this year while fighting to protect the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. He was among 205 Ukrainian prisoners of war released by Russia on Wednesday.

Photo by Mikhailo Dyanov, published by Ukraine.

In Dynov’s latest photos, he looks very emaciated, with bruises on his hands and face. His sister, Alona Lavrushko, reportedly informed that Dyanov is currently in the military hospital in Kyiv, where his condition remains critical and will require long-term treatment.

His sister Lavrushko said the shrapnel in her brother’s arm was removed with rusty pliers without giving anesthesia. He said that due to the inhumane conditions he faced in Russian captivity, 4cm of bone was missing from Dyanov’s hand. Doctors at the military hospital advised the jawan to gain weight before the operation. At present, the operation can be dangerous for Dynov’s health, so he will have to gather the necessary forces to perform the operation by adopting a good diet.

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