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Shooting in an American school: shooting in an American school in Tennessee, 6 people including 3 children killed, assailants also killed



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The assailants opened fire with two assault rifles and a handgun, creating a stir
Covenant School event, about 200 students study there

Washington. There was a massive shooting at a private school in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. There is news of the death of 7 people including three children in this incident. Some people were also injured in the shooting. Police said the attackers had at least two assault rifles and a handgun. Police said a shooter was also killed. About 200 students from kindergarten through sixth grade were present in the school during the shooting.

3 children, 3 adults and 1 suspect were killed in the shooting at the Christian school. Meanwhile, John Houser, spokesman for Monroe Carell Junior Children’s Hospital in Vanderbilt, said three children were pronounced dead after reaching the hospital. The name of the school that fell victim to the attack is said to be Vacha School. Large numbers of police have been deployed to the scene.

The Nashville Metropolitan Police Department said in a tweet that the alleged assailant was dead. However, it is not known what is the cause of his death. Police also did not say whether the assailant was shot to death or committed suicide.

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The Nashville Fire Department confirmed “multiple injuries” with outlets including NBC and The New York Times, while the hospital confirmed the deaths of three children. According to the school’s website, the Covenant School was founded by the Covenant Presbyterian Church in 2001. About 200 students study there. The school has classes from kindergarten through grade 6. An active shooter program was also held here in 2022 in light of the ever-increasing incidents of shootings in US schools. During this time, the tricks of surviving during such an incident were taught.

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