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Shooting in the United States: America rocked by gunfire again, fury over indiscriminate shooting at school, 2 students killed



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Two students were killed in a shooting at a school in the US state of Iowa on Monday
The third person who was shot was an adult school employee who underwent surgery
Three people were arrested shortly after the shooting, about two miles from the scene

Washington, Two students have been killed in another shooting incident in America. According to a report by the AFP news agency, two students were killed and a teacher was seriously injured in a shooting at a youth outreach center in the US state of Iowa on Monday. Local police told the media the incident happened at Starts Right Here school where two students injured in the shooting were taken to hospital for treatment in “critical” condition. Both students died during treatment.

Additionally, police said they were notified of the shooting by 911. He had arrived at the school around 1 a.m. where he found three people seriously injured. The third person who was shot was an adult school employee who underwent surgery. However, the names of the accused who were shot have not yet been released by investigating officials. According to the report, three people were arrested about two miles from the scene immediately after the shooting.

Six-year-old child shot dead
A few days ago, a six-year-old child shot his teacher at a school in a growing number of shooting incidents in America. A six-year-old boy was arrested by police after shooting the teacher during the shooting incident at Richneck Elementary School after 2pm local time. According to the police, after the teacher’s reprimand, the child present in class 1 opened fire on her. Officials did not name the weapon used in the incident, but said the boy used a handgun.

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