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Shooting in the United States: the shooting does not stop in America, a madman killed 3 people and committed suicide



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3 dead in ‘random’ shooting in Yakima, Washington
Police Chief Matt Murray said the murder took place at Circle Market around 3.30am.
Suspect shoots himself before police arrive

Washington, Continuous shooting incidents have been seen in America since ordinary citizens were allowed to keep guns (US Arms Laws). Now there is news of 3 people killed in a “random” shooting in Yakima, Washington. According to a report by the AP news agency, a 21-year-old killed himself after killing three people in a convenience store. This shooting incident has once again sparked a debate about gun laws in America.

Giving information about the incident, Yakima Police Chief Matt Murray said the murder took place at Circle Market around 3:30 a.m. The Yakima police chief said officers received a call from a family member of the suspected shooter, who said they could find him behind warehouses. The officer further stated that before police arrived, the suspect had apparently committed suicide and ended his life.

According to the report, the killer first tried to get to the lobby of a gas station, but the doors were locked there. According to police, the suspect crossed the road and walked towards Circle and shot two people sitting in the store. The suspect then exited the store and shot another person, who died.

According to a CNN report, the police department identified the potential suspect as 21-year-old Jared Haddock, a resident of Yakima County. Murray said in a social media post that the shooting appeared to be “random”, without giving details of the incident. There was no apparent struggle between the victims and the shooter. No force was used by police and no officers were injured.

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