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Shopkeeper sold fake egg dish as ‘real’, now apologizes to customer



Fake egg: Nowadays, you will find everything plastic on the market. This one too, which looks exactly like the real thing. Until you touch it and see it, you won’t realize it’s fake. Japan and China are very expert in making such things. Japan’s plastic food sample has a turnover of one million dollars. Here you will see more than one plastic food sample. But in this case, a trader here got screwed. Unknowingly, he sold plastic “egg tarts” to a customer. Let us tell you that pie is a dish that looks like pastry from the outside, but different things are added to it.

According to media reports, the pastry chef was selling pies containing fake eggs. In fact, the staff sitting in the store couldn’t tell the difference between fake and real and unknowingly sold five pies to customers. This incident comes from Andrews in Osaka. Later, the merchant apologized to the customer for this error.

A company representative told AFP news agency on Wednesday: “We are very sorry that we accidentally sold the samples.” A clerk realized the error shortly after the sale and contacted the customers. The trader said that stickers will now be used to prevent such an error in the future. In fact, plastic items are kept in stores as a sample.

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FIRST POST: October 31, 2022, 3:00 PM HST