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Skeleton’s DNA test reveals a secret 47 years after his death! Now the police are looking for the killer



Fairfax. Sometimes someone’s death becomes a headache. It was not easy to solve it. But in recent years, investigative agencies have a big weapon in the form of DNA testing. Now the biggest murder mystery is solved in the blink of an eye. A similar case was discovered in America. Where after 47 years, the police obtained important clues in a murder case. And the reason is the DN test.

According to Sky News, exactly 47 years ago a girl went missing in the US state of Virginia. He was last seen in the city of Fairfax on February 8, 1975. She was 17 at the time. For the next 26 years, no one knew anything about him. But on September 21, 2001, near a ditch behind an apartment complex in McLean, the remains of a woman with clothing were found. It also contained the skeleton of a woman. Fairfax County Police said the remains have now been identified as Miss Gildavi.

skeleton found 21 years ago
After a search 21 years ago, an initial report revealed that he died of a gunshot wound to the head. The report also said the remains likely belonged to an African American woman. Whose age was about 20 years old. Now the DNA test of his skeleton has been done. From there, he got to know his half-sister. Now his sister Véronique Duparley has shared the full story of the murder. He said his DN match was over in just 15 minutes.

Who was the killer?
Duparley said Gildavi was dating an elderly man at the time. Gildavi was born in France in February 1958 and moved to America when she was eight months old. In the early 1970s she moved to Fairfax. No information has been released about the allegations regarding Gildavi’s death. The police are investigating based on the family’s latest information. I hope the killers will be caught soon.

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