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So will the end of the earth be like this? The star swallowed a planet like Jupiter, became a red giant, scientists were also surprised



Cambridge: For the first time, scientists have observed a planet swallowed by a Sun-like star. It was a shocking sight. This also confirms the prediction that after 5 billion years a giant star could also swallow the Earth. Scientists at MIT, in collaboration with Harvard University and Caltech, have observed the process of consuming entire planets. Scientists said this star has entered the stage of Red Giant. This is the stage when a star ages and is at the last stage of its age.

This article is published in the journal ‘Nature’. This planet was as big as Jupiter, but it was swallowed up by a star that became a red giant. When their hydrogen begins to deplete, they begin to spread and the planet is absorbed inside. When the giant star swallowed the planet, it also ejected material. Then dust also formed around it.

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Scientists believe that after five billion years, the Sun will also become a red giant and swallow its planet, that is, the Earth. Postdoctoral director Kishalay De of MIT’s Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research said, “We see the future of Earth, it’s going to happen to Earth after 5 billion years. In the same way the planets will disappear from the galaxy.

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