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‘Some things are beyond politics’: Jaishankar hints at Rahul Gandhi



The cap. Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar said on Saturday that when a person leaves the country, some things are “beyond politics”. Recently, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi had targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government several times during his visit to America, after which this comment from Jaishankar came.

Speaking to an Overseas Indians program in Cape Town after attending the BRICS foreign ministers meeting, Jaishankar said he could speak for himself and was not playing politics when he was traveling abroad.

Responding to a question, the Foreign Secretary said: “Listen, I said I can only talk about myself, I try not to do politics when I go abroad.” He said, “I am fully prepared to debate vigorously in my country.”

He added: “But I think you know, even a democratic culture has some collective responsibility. There is a national interest, there is a collective image. Sometimes there are more important things than politics and when you go out of the country I think it’s important to remember that.

“So I can strongly disagree with anyone,” India’s top diplomat said. I can tell you that I disagree with them. But how can I counter it, I will go back to my country and do it again.

It may be noted that earlier this week, while addressing American Indians in Santa Clara, USA, former Congress Party Chairman and ex-MP Rahul Gandhi criticized the Prime Minister Modi and also attacked his government’s policies on various fronts.

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