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Spent 30 years on the street, collecting cans and bottles, the story of this millionaire ‘beggar’ is interesting



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People also affectionately called Kurt Degerman ‘Tin Can Kurt’
Kurt spent 30 years on the streets, making money selling cans and bottles
Kurt has earned assets worth millions through money management

Kurt Degerman was also affectionately nicknamed “Tin Can Kurt”. He was a can collector. According to a Live Mint log, Kurt spent 30 years collecting cans and bottles from the streets of Skellefteå, a small town in northern Sweden. He has seen many ups and downs in his life. Despite this, Degerman was an expert in money management and investing. However, Degerman was not satisfied solely with the money he made from his collection.

Degerman had decided that he would increase his money even further. For this, he read many books at the local library and learned about money management. Kurt used to spend hours every day in the library, studying many business documents and the stock market. Gradually, he became an investment expert. He also had a good knowledge of the stock market.

Appropriate use of can collection winnings
Using his earnings from collecting cans, Kurt Degermann began investing in mutual funds, and over time, he bought 124 gold bars. Other than that, he kept depositing part of his earnings into the savings account. They say Kurt didn’t have a car. He used to commute on his unique bike, which helped him save even more money. Kurt lived in his own house, because of which he didn’t even have to pay rent.

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In 2008 heart attack Degerman died as a result of the fall. One of his cousins ​​often visited him. After his death, only his cousin got all of his property. Degerman is said to have earned over $1.4 million in wealth with the right and right investments.

Controversy over Kurt’s ownership
However, after Kurt’s departure, a new controversy erupted. Under Swedish inheritance law, one of his uncles claimed his property. At the same time, we also learn that an agreement has been reached between the two parties regarding this real estate dispute, which has not been disclosed at this time.

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