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Study abroad: Australia increases stringency of student visa rules, Indian students will also be affected



Study Abroad: Restrictions imposed due to Covid-19 have also had an impact on higher education, due to which the study abroad process has come to a standstill for a few years. But after the ban is lifted, students are once again going to study at their favorite foreign colleges. Australia is also one of the preferred destinations for higher education. A large number of Indian students study in Australia. Indians are the second largest number of overseas students in Australia.

With the increase in the number of students, there has also been an increase in the number of student visas obtained through fraudulent means in Australia. Indian students are also included. Due to which last month, 5 Australian universities had also banned the admission of Indian students. Now, Australia will tighten student visa rules. Which will also affect Indian students.

Will be banned for 10 years
An English newspaper quoted the Australian Department of Home Affairs as saying that applications where fraud is found are categorized as ‘ungranted’. Due to which they are not eligible to reapply for 10 years. Apart from this, due to the increase in fraud activities, many universities have started to take extra care in applications from Indian students. Overseas students will now only be granted visas to study in Australia after careful consideration.

More than 89,000 students study
Let us tell you that currently around 89,700 Indian students are studying in Australia. And the figure of Chinese students is 1.25 lakh. A 27% increase was observed in the number of Indian students. But due to the new restrictions, a decrease can be seen in the next sessions.

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