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Surprising! The pilot turned back halfway, the plane returned after 1 p.m. from where he left, the passengers were surprised



These days, incidents related to thefts are continuously highlighted. In which sometimes there is news of uproar by a passenger and sometimes there are reports of errors from the airline. In this episode, a startling incident came to the fore. Imagine if you are present in the flight for about 13 hours and when the flight lands you learn that you have returned to the same place from which you took off, then how angry you will be with yourself or the company Aerial.

In fact, this whole case is about an Emirates flight from Dubai to New Zealand. According to a Fox News report, after flying for more than 13 hours, the plane landed at the same airport it took off from due to an unusual incident. Flight EK448 took off around 10:30 a.m. Friday morning local time. According to FlightAware, the pilot turned around about halfway through the 9,000 mile journey. The plane finally landed in Dubai overnight from Friday to Saturday.

The pilot turned back as severe flooding occurred in the city of Auckland in New Zealand and due to this the airport was closed this weekend. Auckland Airport officials said on Twitter it was “hugely disappointing” but significant action was needed to protect passengers. He said: “Auckland Airport is assessing the damage to our international terminal and unfortunately it has been determined that no international flights can operate today. We know this is very disappointing, but passenger safety is our top priority.

According to the BBC, Auckland experienced the “worst rainfall on record” on Friday. The state of emergency continues in New Zealand’s largest city. Because there is a possibility of heavier rain this week. At least four people died in the severe flooding. Videos on social media showed residents trapped in waist-deep water and rescue operations carried out on kayaks.

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