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Sweden-Turkey relations – Swedish right-wing leader burned the Koran; Boiling in Muslim countries… find out who started the fire



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Protest against Turkey turns violent in Sweden
Protesters burn a copy of the Quran
Turkey expressed its displeasure, Muslim countries also condemned

Stockholm. Tension has increased these days in relations between Turkey and Sweden. Here in Sweden, a period of huge protests against Turkey is underway. A copy of the Koran was burned by anti-Islamic extremists during protests against Turkey in Stockholm on Saturday. After this incident, he was condemned internationally. Expressing its dissatisfaction with this incident, Turkey unilaterally canceled the proposed visit of the Swedish Minister of Defense to Ankara. And asked Sweden to take the necessary measures against the culprits.

Turkish authorities have also condemned the authorization given to the Swedish-Danish right-wing politician Rasmus Paludan to demonstrate on Saturday outside his embassy in the Swedish capital. During the protest, Paludan launched a scathing attack on Islam and set fire to the Koran with a lighter. He told the crowd, “If you think there shouldn’t be free speech, then you have to live somewhere else.

We know that freedom of expression in Sweden is guided by the constitution. And the constitution gives broad rights to the people to express their opinions in public. However, incitement to violence or hate speech is not permitted. Last year, Paludan announced his Quran burning “tour” during the Muslim religion’s holy month of Ramadan. After that, riots broke out all over Sweden.

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who is rasmus paludan
Rasmus Paludan is a Swedish far-right leader and Danish-Swedish politician. He leads the far-right Stram Kurs (Hard Line) party. They organized many events, where the Quran was burned, because of which many incidents of violence appeared. Last week he burned an effigy of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Stockholm. Permission obtained from the police for the demonstration indicated that their protest was against Islam and was described by Turkish President Erdogan as an attempt to influence freedom of expression in Sweden.

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worldwide condemnation
After Paludan burned the Quran, there was a flood of condemnations from Muslim countries. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation called it a provocative action. He also said he was targeting Muslims. The organization added that the incident insults their sacred values. The organization called on Sweden to punish the people behind this incident. Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, stressed the importance of “spreading the values ​​of dialogue, tolerance and coexistence, rejecting hatred and extremism”. The Gulf Cooperation Council also condemned the protest.

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