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Taiwan resumes war drill, rehearses to deal with Chinese attack, waves dragon



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Emergency teams on the Taiwan-controlled island practiced responding to a mock Chinese attack on Thursday
Ambulances and fire engines raced around the power plant, the exercise site, during a war exercise on Matsu
Matsue has a military garrison, although there are fewer soldiers now than in the decades after 1949.

Taiwan, A week after Beijing conducted war drills around the sensitive Taiwan Strait, emergency teams on a Taiwan-controlled island near the Chinese coast conducted a mock war drill in Taiwan on Thursday. According to a report by the Reuters news agency, this exercise was carried out on Matsu Island near the city of Fuzhou in China. Due to the ongoing cold war between the two countries, the Chinese military often tries to show its dominance here.

Today, Matsu is a popular visit point for tourists attracted by its rugged beauty. But its proximity to the Chinese coast also meant that Matsu would have to face the Chinese army if war broke out. Ambulances and fire trucks raced around the power station, exercise site, spraying water on fires and evacuating the wounded during the war exercise in Matsu. County magistrate Wang Chung-ming told reporters that if the situation between Taiwan and China became more tense, he believed all colleagues in the response team would know where they should be.

Matsue’s vulnerability was highlighted in February when two undersea cables connecting the islands were severed by Chinese ships. After the cable cut, 14,000 people living in Matsu were cut off from the internet. Notably, Matsue has a military garrison, but with far fewer troops than in the decades following 1949.

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