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Tesla and CEO Twitter chat leaked, Parag Agarwal tells Musk – “Instead of CEO with me…”



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Musk told Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal that he didn’t want to be the boss.
Whereupon the answer given by Parag Agarwal has now come to the fore.
He said Musk should also treat him like an engineer rather than a CEO.

New Delhi. Elon Musk told Twitter CEO Parag Aggarwal a few months ago that he didn’t want to be the boss, to which Agarwal’s response has now surfaced. Aggarwal said even Tesla’s CEO should treat him like an engineer instead of a CEO. Like Musk and Twitter executives, the text exchanged between Agarwal and Jack Dorsey is now in the public domain. According to a TechCrunch report, in a conversation with Twitter CEO Agarwal in early April, Musk admitted he didn’t want to be the boss. Musk told Agarwal that I don’t think I should own anyone. But I love helping solve technical and product design issues.

Aggarwal also responded to this and said he treats me like an engineer instead of a CEO. Musk further told him that he had a lot of ideas. But I just want Twitter to be as amazing as possible. He wrote to Agarwal that I wanted to understand the technical details of Twitter’s codebase. This will help me check the stupidity of my suggestions.

On the other hand, Aggarwal replied that I was the CTO and had been in the codebase for a long time. So I can answer a lot of your questions. Agarwal told Musk he was free to tweet “Is Twitter going to end?” Or something about Twitter “But it’s my responsibility to let you know that this doesn’t help me improve Twitter in today’s environment.”

Significantly, on April 26, Dorsey, Musk and Agarwal reached a Google Hangout together to discuss the acquisition and their differences were visible in the chat. According to IANS, Dorsey said at least it’s become clear that you and we can’t work together.

The discussions were leaked at a time when Twitter and Musk are in a fierce legal battle, which is set to begin Oct. 17 in the Delaware Court of Chancery in the United States.

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