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That’s what we call a miracle! Mom Spent Her Life’s Earnings On Her Daughter’s Cancer, Suddenly Her Luck Turned And She Became A Millionaire



Washington: A woman from Lakeland, Florida has suddenly become a millionaire. In fact, he won a lottery prize of $2 million (over 16 crore 40 lakh). The woman’s name is Geraldine Gimblett who used her life savings to treat her daughter’s cancer. According to the New York Post, Gimblett’s daughter was battling breast cancer, but now Gimblett has a chance to celebrate twice, as the daughter’s treatment has also been completed and the woman also received a lot of money by winning at the lottery. .

According to a Florida Lottery press release, Gimblett purchased a $2 million lottery ticket at a Lakeland gas station the day after her daughter completed her final round of cancer treatment. The gas station clerk said there were no more tickets, but the woman asked to find them because she liked the crossword puzzle better. He had the last. Gimblett soon learns that he has won the game’s top prize. After that, Gimblett’s entire family arrived at the Florida Lottery headquarters in Tallahassee. Gimblett posed for photos with her daughter and granddaughter while posing with the award. This message was shared on Twitter by the Florida Lottery.

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