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The 3,000,000 new Russian soldiers will defeat Ukraine! Putin’s new army ready in three weeks



Strong points

Russia has halted the mobilization process initiated against Ukraine
Partial mobilization report to be presented to Putin on November 1
The new Russian soldiers will be launched against Ukraine

Moscow, The process of mobilization of the Russian army underway in the midst of the war between Ukraine and Russia has been stopped for the time being. According to a report by Russian state news agency TASS, the ongoing recruitment process of around three million soldiers has been halted by the country’s Defense Ministry. TASS quoted the Russian Defense Ministry as saying on Monday that all partial military mobilization activities and the process of distributing appeal letters to the public had been suspended. Regarding mobilization, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that all activities related to the recruitment of soldiers for military service by military enlistment offices and regional governments have been stopped. It is believed that Russia will deploy these soldiers in the war in Ukraine.

three lakh soldiers were recruited
In the past, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu informed that within two weeks of the partial mobilization order, more than 2,000 soldiers had been recruited into the army. Now, after the ban imposed by the ministry, TASS has declared that the recruitment of three lakh soldiers has been completed. The report also states that the partial mobilization report will be presented to Putin on November 1. However, Russia has not yet confirmed sending troops to the war against Ukraine.

Young people left the country to avoid mobilization
A large number of people left the country after learning that the army sent letters of appeal to young people without military experience. According to ticketing data from Spanish company ForwardKeys, a 27% increase was recorded in the number of one-way air tickets issued from Russia. Comparing bookings from September 21 to September 27, the company found that the share of one-way tickets issued had risen to 73% from 47% last week. The company said the average departure time in the country has dropped from 34 to 22 days.

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