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The 4 NASA astronauts returned to Earth after completing a 5 month mission and landed in Florida – see VIDEO



Cape Canaveral: Four astronauts from NASA’s SpaceX mission returned to Earth late Saturday evening. His capsule landed in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida near Tampa. Crew members from the United States, Russia and Japan spent nearly five months aboard the International Space Station. This mission left last October. Astronauts led by NASA’s Nicole Mann left the space center on Saturday morning. Nicole is the first Native American woman to fly in space.

According to the AP report, Nicole said she could feel the wind from the land and the smell of fresh grass on her face. They can’t wait to taste their delicious dishes. Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata wanted to eat sushi, while Russian cosmonaut Anna Kikina wanted to drink tea from a real cup. NASA scientist Josh Cassada wants to bring a pet dog for his family. Now the space center has three American astronauts, three Russians and one from the United Arab Emirates.

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