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The animal that the police thought was a wolf, its truth turned out to be something else



Viral news: Anyone can be deceived, be it a policeman or an ordinary man. A similar incident was uncovered in America where police mistook a dog for a wolf. Quickly, a campaign is launched to catch up with him. But when the police arrived near this animal, everyone was amazed. In fact, it was the companion dog of someone who was separated from its owner.

This incident is from the state of Oklahoma, USA. The city police department visited a children’s daycare center. In fact, he had learned that people from Pennsylvania had seen a wolf. But later officials confirmed that the animal was not actually a wolf, but an extinct dog. In fact, seeing this, people ate it because it was a different breed of dog. Of this number, 85% were a wolf hybrid, the rest were a mix of the Alaskan Malamute dog.

people got screwed
The police department later released a statement on Twitter letting residents know the pet dog had been reunited with its concerned owner. A person here told how he mistook the animal for a wild animal. He said, ‘It looks like a wolf.’

Many people keep this breed
The police department also later said they weren’t playing with the dog. In fact, some people had said that the voices of the wolf were coming. Let us tell you that many animal lovers around the world choose to adopt a wolf-dog hybrid as a pet, but doing a little research on it can be difficult.

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