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the belgian foreign minister wore a love armband during the world cup fifa banned this armband



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Belgian Foreign Minister wears ‘One Love’ armband during FIFA World Cup
FIFA has banned players from this group
The band was worn during the meeting with the FIFA President

Doha: The 2022 FIFA World Cup is being held in Qatar. The Mahakumbh of football started on November 20. Meanwhile, Belgian Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib wore the ‘One Love’ armband when she met FIFA President Gianni Infantino during her country’s game against Canada. A photo of Lahbib surfaced on Wednesday showing him wearing a colorful armband. This type of armband is considered a symbol of unity in diversity.

Suffice to say that FIFA, the supreme body of world football, had banned the captains of seven European countries including Belgium from wearing such armbands. They wanted to wear it to denounce the poor human rights record of World Cup host Qatar. Lahbib posted a photo on Twitter in which he wears this armband on his left arm.

FIFA issued a warning not to wear such an armband
FIFA has warned seven football associations in Europe that if their players wear such armbands they will be punished. After which, no player wore such an armband. This armband from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium has now become a topic of discussion. Let us tell you that a total of 32 teams are taking part in the FIFA World Cup which started on November 20. His last match will be played on December 18.

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