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The biggest news of the Russian-Ukrainian war: Putin announced a two-day ceasefire, know why he made this decision



strong points

The Russian-Ukrainian war will not take place on January 6-7
The Julian calendar is used in Russia-Ukraine
The festival comes 13 days later than the Gregorian calendar.

Moscow. There is big news amid the Russian-Ukrainian war. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a ceasefire with Ukraine for two days, January 6-7. The call for this ceasefire was also made by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. He called for the war in Ukraine to be stopped for 36 hours by the end of this week. On the other hand, Patriarch Kirill in Moscow has suggested that a ceasefire be declared from Friday afternoon to Saturday midnight local time.

Significantly, the Russian Orthodox Church uses the Old Julian Calendar. This is why Christmas is celebrated on January 7, which falls 13 days after the Gregorian calendar. Let me tell you that this proposal of the Russian Church was previously rejected by the Ukrainian authorities. Mykhailo Padolyak, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, rejected the proposal, saying “it’s part of the trap and the propaganda”. Previously, Kirill had justified the war against Ukraine.

the war will last a year
Let us tell you that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is about to end for a year. Even after so long, the two countries do not end the war. On the one hand, Ukraine is asking the world for help, on the other, Russia is wreaking havoc on its own. Russia is also using sophisticated weapons to suppress Ukraine. Suffice to say that Russian President Putin has sent a frigate equipped with new generation hypersonic cruise missiles to the Atlantic Sea. With this, Russia made it clear that it would not back down from the war.

the hypersonic missile is so fast
Explain that along with China and America, Russia is also developing hypersonic weapons. The speed of hypersonic missiles is five times the speed of sound. Using such missiles, the enemy can be easily overpowered. During a videoconference with Defense Ministers Sergei Shoigu and Igor Krokhmal, Russian President Putin said the Zircon ship was equipped with hypersonic weapons.

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